Upgrading Your Starship Troopers Helmet

In the filming industry, there is often more than one version of a prop or costume made due to budget constraints. There are "hero" props, which are often the most detailed and made out of the highest quality materials. They often have working electronics and some functionality. There are "background" props which are usually lower quality, single piece castings, with less detailed paint and often fewer details. Sometimes there are also "stunt" props which are also usually single piece castings but made from rubber or some other soft materials so actors do not get hurt by them while performing stunts.
In Starship Troopers, the armor and helmets used by the Mobile Infantry all came from the same source. What differentiates the "hero" items from the "background" items, often referred to as "A Grade" and "B Grade" respectively, are how the pieces were finished.

Regarding the Mobile Infantry M-3 Tactical helmet, the primary difference between an A Grade helmet and a B Grade helmet is the inclusion of metal ear vents and a mic boom. While there are some rare exceptions, most of the background helmets lack these features while ALL of the primary cast has those features on their helmets. With over 600 helmets created for the film, most do not include those features.Fortunately, it is very easy to turn your B Grade screen-used helmet* or replica helmet into an A grade helmet with our helmet upgrade accessories!

Mobile Infantry M-3 Tactical Helmet - Boom Mic

and our

Mobile Infantry M-3 Tactical Helmet - Ear Covers

Adding these two features to your helmet will bring it one step closer to the helmets worn by Rico, Dizzy, Sugar, and Ace!

*Please note, some collectors consider it sacrilege to alter a screen used prop. While we leave that decision to you, we ask that if you modify an original prop and sell it, you tell the potential buyer of the changes you have made to the item and don't try to pass a modified B-Grade helmet off as an A-Grade helmet.

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