Installation Instructions - Mobile Infantry M-3 Tactical Helmet Visor

Helmet Mobile Infantry Starship Troopers Visor

You have received your Mobile Infantry M-3 Tactical Helmet Visor and are ready to install it but aren't quite sure where to start. We are here to help!

Tools recommended:

  • Marking device (pen, pencil, marker, etc.)
  • Devcon "Plastic Welder" 2 part epoxy or a Hi-temp Glue Gun


  1. Included in your kit is a visor template, cut from heavy cardstock. Used the supplied screws and washers, attach the visor mounts to the cardstock visor. This will be used to determine the location for the visor mounts.

    Visor Cardstock Template

  2. Attach the visor mounts to the cardstock with the included screws and washers.

    Attach Visor Mount to Cardstock

  3. Carefully bend the cardstock visor into a curve, being careful not to crease it.

    Bend Cardstock Template

  4. Place the cardstock visor and visor mounts in the helmet, aligning the visor to the brim of the helmet. While holding the cardstock in position, have a friend use a pencil or marker to draw circles around the visor mounts where they touch the inside of the helmet. These are your locations for mounting the visor mounts. We strongly recommend you do this step two or three times to ensure the proper placement.

    Place Visor Mount in Helmet Trace Visor Mount

  5. Remove the visor mounts from the cardstock visor. Using two-part epoxy, hot glue, or epoxy putty adhere the visor mounts to the inside of the helmet, using the outlines created in step two as guides. All the adhesive to fully cure (in accordance with its instructions) before proceeding.

    Visor Mount Glue Visor Mount into Helmet

  6. Once the adhesive has fully cured, carefully peel the protective plastic off both sides of the visor. Bend the visor and place it inside the helmet. Please keep in mind, the inner edge of the helmet's brim CAN scratch the visor, so proceed with care. Using the included hex key, attach the visor to the visor mounts with the included screws and washers. Tighten the screws to keep the visor from pivoting up and down which will scratch the visor.

    Screw Visor into Helmet

  7. Go out and kill bugs without fear of bug-blood or hot shell casings hitting your face! 

    Enjoy your newly-protected eyes!

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