The Development of the 626AM ELEVATE Helmet Stand

The Need

We have been a part of the prop and costume community for more than two decades. Like many, we have tried a variety of helmet stands, from gimmicky acrylic stands to cheap paper towel holders and everything in between. Most wood stands feel outdated. Acrylic often isn’t tasteful. Non-helmet stands that have been repurposed as helmet stands never quite did the job the way we wanted.


The Discovery

For years we attended research trips to the Star Wars Archives located at Skywalker Ranch. We got to know the archivists and their methods for professionally storing and displaying the artifacts within George Lucas’ priceless collection. There are hundreds of helmets stored within the collection and the archivists used a particularly simple yet strong metal stand. While aesthetics wasn’t their primary focus, we liked the look of these stands and wanted to purchase some for ourselves. To our surprise, the stands were cost-prohibitive; both the base product and the shipping, as the stand was welded and not easily shipped.


The ELEVATE Helmet Stand

We developed the ELEVATE Helmet Stand as a middle ground to this high and low. We wanted an extremely simple stand. We did not want the stand to draw attention to itself or take any of the attention from the object it was supporting. We wanted it to be sturdy and stable, unlike many cheap stands. We also wanted a clean look that would fit into a museum-level collection, a stand that would elevate the object it supported, both physically and aesthetically. We wanted a stand that did not cost an arm and a leg to ship, so we could supply stands to those in need anywhere around the world. Finally, we wanted a modular design that would allow for future expansion as one’s needs are always changing. The ELEVATE Helmet Stand fulfills all these expectations. We built it for ourselves, for our collections, and now we are very pleased to be able to offer it to you so you can elevate your collection as well!

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